Free Delivery to all NZ

The home of the Stålhästen brand is always going to be Stockholm, but we are growing across the world and have a few locations in New Zealand too:

- Steelhorse in Titirangi, Auckland is the main Showroom.

- Steelhorse in Papamoa, is a sattelite Showroom. Very irregular opening hours, so give us a call or email and we can arrange something. 

- Velo-Ideale in Christchurch, is our partner in the South, with a shop and showroom.



1. Pick up from showroom in Titirangi (Auckland)

2. Delivered to your door by courier.

3. Pick up at Velo-Ideale in Christchurch.



When you buy a Stålhästen bicycle, we will send it for free. 

If you only buy accessories, then it will be NZ$ 20 per order, or free on all orders over NZ$ 200. 



We cooperate with a distribution company and they organise all deliveries. The package is couriered to your door. 

The bicycle will arrive in a box, partly assembled. There are some easy bits that needs to be attached.

See below for instructions how to assemble.



All packages are couriered from Auckland. We send all packages on the same day (if ordered before lunch) and delivery time depends on where you live. But it should only take a few days at the most.



The bicycle is almost assembled when you take it out of the box. You will only need to attach the easy parts: pedals, handle bar, front wheel and saddle. So until IKEA opens up in NZ, we are the only company to offer Swedish flat packs for your assemblying enjoyment... 

This is accomplished nicely with a Phillips screwdriver, Allen key and adjustable wrench. We will also send you a manual with complete instructions. 

If you prefer, it is easy for a bicycle mechanic to assemble it as well. Or if you are in Auckland, we are able to assemble the bicycles for pick-up in the show room.


Steelhorse in Christchurch

1.  In Christchurch, we sell the bicycles through Velo-Ideale who have a a shop and show room for testing out the perfect bicycle for you. They do sell other bikes as well, so give them a try if you want to compare or test. 

2. If you want your bicycle assembled at home, we are co-operating with a very nice and professional mechanic called Josh, from Pedal On. He is mobile and can come to you with an assembled bicycle.


Bicycle mechanics wanted!

If you know of (or if you are) a skilled bicycle mechanic, we would like to hear from you. We are looking for mechanics who can assemble our bicycles in areas outside of Auckland or Christchurch.